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The pic of Joanna is so cute! I didn't know you got to meet Tyler Florence and then we dined at his place a few days later! See you soon for our lunch dates =)


Aaaawwww how I missed being there!!! I thought of you guys a lot throughout the weekend!!! :-)))
It sounds like you had a great time! Thank you so much for writing about it and showing some pictures... I almost felt like I was there with you! :-)

Joanna @ Chic & Gorgeous Treats

Hi Visda! What a great write up. It really brings me back to our 3 days right now as I'm typing this back in my own homeland, KL. Thanks so much for mentioning me here in your post. Truly appreciate it. What I missed most now is all the fun and laughter we all shared during the whole time I was in SF. I definitely would love to make another trip down and hopefully get to spend more time with you wonderful ladies. Btw, I've re-edited my first post once more.. since I know I didn't do such a great job of sharing every single detail. Do stay in touch, via Twitter or emails. HUGGGGsssssss, Jo


Great post! I didn't get a chance to talk to the endive producers so I loved reading about what you learned.

I am definitely planning a relaxing weekend - I still need to catch up on sleep:-)


Wow Vidsa that is so amazing :) We should meet up sometime after am back from my trip !
I am sure you had alot of fun and learning in the conf.


Your post came out so great, still finishing, just came to grab your link. It was so much fun and it was my pleasure introducing you to others. That lunch was so good and we need to do something again soon. Great shot of your husband, look forward to meeting him one day too. Hope you catch up this weekend.

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