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@kankana : wow! you live in the bay area too. we should totally meet. I'm such a fan of your blog. Are you coming to the foodbuzz blogger festival?
@Alisa : yes. this is a fantastic project to entertain kids. I have made so much frosting in orange if you ever need some.;-)
@Julie at Burnt Carrots : I guess if she eats at every book signing event, she would gain way too much weight and I guess seeing so many cake pops all the time is not that tempting for her anymore.:-)
@Manu; yes. Saffron gives a great flavor but I would never put it in the coating ever again! I t makes things so complicated.
@Gina: was fantastic meeting you too. Till soon at the festival.
@chloe: Thanks for checking it out. It was a hard work after getting back home that night but it was worth it.;-)


Visda.. i had no idea you live in bay area! We should catch up! It must be so much fun right meeting up with blogger friends and making pops :) They looks fabulous.


Oooh, cake pops!My son loves them and it's a great project to make with the kids :)

Julie at Burnt Carrots

It looks like you had a great time. Your cake pops sound amazing and its too bad she didn't taste them! I cannot imagine looking at all those treats and not eating them all!


What a fantastic experience! I love Bakerella's book! :-) I agree... making cake pops sounds easy, but I found it quite tricky... especially getting the coating to the right consistency. But they are great fun to make! :-) Well done, I would have totally tried yours... I am a big fan of saffron! :-)


Hi Visda,
It was such a pleasure meeting you today. This was so much fun and glad I had a chance to meet you and the others. I wish I had got a chance to taste yours, they sound wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon. Hope you have a great weekend.


Cute pictures, especially the last one! I had no idea they were cake plus frosting on the inside!

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