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Ohhh I wish I was there with you girls! Those pictures are fabulous! What beautiful places!
And that stew looks so yummy and comforting. Artichoke is my favorite vegetable (together with eggplant)!
Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my blog! I want you to know that I think the same about you and it would be lovely to meet up one day! :-)
Thanks for the author's suggestion! I have never read anything by Heruki Murakamu, but I am going to see what I can find: it sounds so interesting! :-)


Gorgeous pictures and what a lovely trip! The stew looks ah-mazing too! I love love love artichokes!!


Wow, those shots are breathtaking! And that artichoke stew looks absolutely fantastic!

Jill Colonna

What a great idea to go back during the week. Sounded so uplifting! Hope hubby felt better after that stew. Looks deliciously healthy. Perhaps he just wanted to be there with you ;-)


Wow your hike looked amazing, beautiful pictures! I'm like you I can't go anywhere without taking food or buying food on the way. Your artichoke stew looks delicious and no trimming the artichokes, I hate that. Shikamoo is now my new favourite word!! ;D

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