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Looks awesome! I've made a very similar soup, i think it was Greek? The only differences was that it had two eggs whisked In for body. Yours looks lovely and I love that it has celery root, one of my faves!


Thanks so much for dropping by SippitySup. You left such a thoughtful comment I just had to run right over hear. I see you have soup too! This one is beautiful. I am a big fan of barley so you really have my attention. GREG


the dish looks so warm and healthy. Cold winter .. sit with that bowl.. some bread .. and some nice movie :)

Jill Colonna

This looks fabulous. It's so funny how we can have more or less the same ingredients (barley like we use in Scotland), but adding ingredients like lime and lemon can transport it to something so much more exotic!


Such an earthy and healthy dish! I am saving this for winter!!! I love your blog Visda, so I am passing on a "One lovely Blog Award" to you. You can retrieve it here:
Have a great day!

Kate @

mmm, I love barley soup. I like that you also added some sour cream... looks great!

Sandra@Sandra's Easy Cooking

Looks and sounds so tasty! I love soups and you made this one awesome! Nicely done!!!

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