welcome to my food blog. i am visda, a multi cultural tech savvy living in san francisco. i was born and raised in tehran where i enjoyed delicious persian food, mostly my mom's cooking. then moved to vienna, austria and lived there for more than a decade where i enjoyed my fair share of european pastries and breads. then moved to san francisco and got exposed to american and non american cousins available here.
i live a healthy life style: which means i try to eat as healthy as possible and do enough exercise all year long. but living a healthy life style is not very easy for an engineer in north america. so i try to make delicious and healthy food mostly persian fusion with western cousins. i love food from all over the world and i have learned a lot from my mom how to combine different ingredients. but persian cooking can some times take a lot of time which is impossible in our life style. so i try to make it easier and faster to cook while keeping enough tasty and healthy ingredients in the meal. shikamoo means some one who loves food and since i am a shikamoo i named this blog so. enjoy following me on my cooking adventures and feel free to leave me comments. thanks for stopping by.